Frequently asked questions

Who participates in the survey?

All students, faculty, and staff UC-wide are invited to participate in the campus climate study.  With a goal to make the University of California a model for diversity and inclusion in higher education, the more than 430,000  members of the UC-wide community will be surveyed—making this the largest project of its kind in the nation.

Why do I need to use my CruzID to log in?

To  ensure that your response is completely confidential, we are using a double-blind approach for authentication and redirection to the survey site.

  • UCSC is managing access to the survey using your CruzID and a randomly-generated unique survey key, but has no access to your survey responses; and
  • Penn State, which UC has hired to host the survey and to collect your responses, doesn’t have your CruzID (or your name) attached to your response.

As a result, all survey responses are confidential and we can ensure that you can log back in to the survey site to continue your survey if interrupted, that only UCSC-affiliated individuals can submit responses, and that each person takes the survey only once.  For information about additional measures designed to protected the confidentiality of your responses, click here.

How will you protect the identity of respondents?

UCSC and the UC Office of the President will receive a dataset from Penn State that will contain only survey responsesthat is, without the unique survey keys.  The survey data will be used in a way that will make it impossible to determine the identity of the individual responses.  That is, the survey responses will not be integrated, analyzed, or reported in any way in which the confidentiality of the survey responses is not absolutely guaranteed.  For more information, read our more detailed discussion of the steps being taken to protect the confidentiality of your responses or contact us at

Do I need to complete the survey in order to be eligible for the prizes?


Where can I learn about the study results?

To help promote dialogue and  transparency about campus climate issues, reports and findings from across the UC system will be posted at

Who can I contact if I have problems logging in?

The survey uses your CruzID Gold account and password.  If you don't remember your password or have problems logging in, contact the ITS Support Center at 831-459-4357; in person support (54 Kerr Hall) is available Monday-Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM.

What if I don't have access to a computer?

We recognize that some staff may not have convenient access to a computer.  Staff can request a paper version in English or Spanish by sending email to or by contacting the Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (111 Kerr Hall; 831-459-2686).  Both paper-based and online responses will be confidential.